This Thing Called Love

This Thing Called Love  is a real, raw, relevant faith based movie. It highlights a powerful message of what we all want, need and at times question. TTCL is about several accomplished professionals, who are in search of the authenticity of love inside and outside their families. Lauren is smitten by her suitor, Paul and she is later shaken to the core of her soul.  Lauren’s sister, Sonja struggles with not feeling loved by their only brother, Cornelius (Corn) and she thinks her husband, Stan is having an affair. James is a Physician, who is dissatisfied with women who are only interested in what he does for a living, instead of, who he is, as a person. This Thing Called Love is filled with comedy, suspense, twist, turns, nuggets of wisdom and eye opening revelations about love.  It is sure to impassion and excite the hearts and minds of an audience, particularly those ages 21 years and older. 

Trailer: Directed by Tiffany Roberts

Written By:  Carmelita Johnson