Her music has served as food to the soul for audiences nationwide. Her movies and stage plays leave audience members on the edge of their seats when they’re not offering a standing ovation. Tiffany Roberts, known as Simply Tiffany Soul, is the prime example of what happens when creativity meets sophistication and class. While many people may struggle to find their way and perfect their craft, Tiffany was certain of her gifts at the age of five.
She’s been working ever since at perfecting them as her writing style and voice matures.
Striving to leave a mark on the hearts of men and women through her music has opened numerous doors of opportunity. In addition to performing before thousands at the Taste of Chicago and other local venues in the Arkansas where she grew up, Tiffany performed for various charities and penned two albums, Essence of Love and Simply Me, both of which are available on iTunes. Whether you’re dancing the night away at a social gathering or driving across country, the soulful, sultry sounds of Simply Tiffany Soul are sure to set the stage properly for hours on end.

          After sharpening her creative writing skills and excelling in the music industry, Tiffany wrote, produced and directed her debut stage play, The Mistress Club. Drawing from her own life experiences and her creative imagination, she weaved true stories of mistresses together to make a theatrical performance that attendees would have never expected. Due to her overwhelming success with The Mistress Club, writers and producers partnered with her to direct stage plays such as Little Black Girl Blues, and Street Corner; TV pilots such as Fame 15 & Shear Envy and even movies, such as Selfish Desires and Burning Bridges.    
In addition to writing four plays, two short movies and two full-feature films, Tiffany serves as an acting coach, a partner in Mark Squared Studios and a member of Urban Playwrights United. She serves annually as the floor manager of the Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival and currently hosts the Mavericks online show, The Indie Scene.

With over 15 years of arts and entertainment experience, Tiffany is more than a force to be reckoned with. Her smooth voice, charismatic personality and love for God and His people continue to boost her to greater success.

For booking or more information, email simplytiffanysoul@gmail.com