Selfish Desires The Movie


SELFISH DESIRE is a drama filled masterpiece about friendship stained by lies, revenge, betrayal and regret.  This story is set in the urban “Mecca” of Atlanta, Ga where the who’s who of the corporate and music industries are all scratching at the chance of Money, Power, and respect!  In the middle of this scramble to make it to the top are 4 friends Kandi, Nikki, Tiffany, and London.  Kandi is an accomplished writer in the prime of her success and wants desperately to share it with the love of her life and husband Chaz.  Her intelligence is over shadowed by her need for love and may cost her more than just her relationship! Chaz (Kandi’s husband) is an aspiring producer/manager going no where fast and has failed to realize that he is about to lose the best thing that he ever had because of his infidelity and misdirected career priorities. In the chaos of binge drinking and lust for women he gets sloppy and now he has put both he and the woman, he can’t live without, in a sticky situation that he may regret for the rest of his life. 
A woman scorned always turns to her girl friends for that sisterly bond and support but Kandi is going to get more than she bargained for in both loyalty and betrayal.  Tiffany, Kandi’s most loyal friend, is young and vibrant and looks at the world as her clay that she can mold differently each day.  She wants everyone to love and live life to the fullest with as little drama as possible.   She tries to keep the peace between the 4 friends; however after discovering some disturbing information that could be devastating to Kandi her antics to protect her friend are unexpected and may be fatal!  Nikki is beautiful, bitter and manipulative due to her turbulent past relationship with William that ended with him in the arms of her supposedly best friend London and her losing her only connection to William after the break-up, their unborn child. This has sent her on a destructive mission of betrayal of those closest to her and will threaten her mental and physical stability in more ways than she can handle.  To round out the group is London who sparked this turbulent rollercoaster ride of a friendship by breaking the ultimate girl code and sleeping with Nikki’s boyfriend and then making things worse by marrying him. Being the non-regretful Diva that she is, London has no regrets and no loyalty to Nikki even though her actions caused the tear in their friendships.
This story will keep you in suspense wanting to know what’s going to happen next, while sending you into twists and turns of their SELFISH DESIRES!