Simply Tiffany Soul the Play Wright~ This is my first original play to be produced.  Writing is like waking up and swinging my feet over the side of the bed it just comes naturally.  The love of writing and expressing what's in my mind, heart and soul is as pure to me as the first breath of a new born baby.  I enjoy seeing or hearing people respond emotionally (any emotion) to something that I have put into the Universe.  The Mistress Club is near and dear to my heart because most of the play is true from snippets of my life or people very close to me.  It's amazing that the most interesting story is one that has true life to it.  In this production you will find yourself having feelings for characters that you normally wouldn't care about and that makes me excited!  This has been a true labor of love and I am excited to give everyone a chance to enter my mind and my heart!  Welcome to The Mistress Club

Simply Tiffany Soul the Director ~  Wow!  I never imagined having that title, but I have found that I am really good at telling people what to do.  LOL!  This is my 5th or 6th directorial debut and I am finding that I can make the words walk off the page and materialize the vision to another level.  I know it sounds like I am posturing a bit and i guess I am.  I mean if I don't believe in myself who will?   I really enjoy helping actors dig a little deeper and give a little more to their roles.  It only makes them a better actor and the production a better show.  Directing is to the arts as the Coach is to any team!   I want the actors to shoot, run, catch, kick at 100% because 99.9 won't do!  

Simply Tiffany Soul Spiritual Foundation ~  THANK YOU LORD for all YOU done for me!